Lina Cutnam ProfileI seek to draw out design through the interplay of textures to produce organic, hand-finished shapes that capture the imagination. I particularly like pyrography, or wood-burning art, (the “Tree of Life”) on leather. I find it very refreshing to draw in different ways, as I am learning and discovering techniques to help new expressions come to light. I am fascinated by the tools that go into and results that seen through each piece, and find beauty in work, merging energy and surface quality with specific content and feelings. I find rich color and intricate textures to be some of the most stimulating factors in my work.

I work from and inner motivations – be it stimulated by the outside, or by focussing on the beauty within. My most successful and meaningful work manifest when I tap into a creative stream, at once both inherent and universal.

I am self-taught since I was a small child. I have always been busy working away at drawings and designs. As a young adult I extended my learning with art classes and found a community which felt like family.

Often, designs come from my mind, which guides my hands as I play with the leather, the material itself evolving as the piece comes into being.

My goal is to create unique pieces that speak to their owners and evoke feelings of warmth and empowerment. The end result is a unique pieces that speaks out to its would be owner.

I am most satisfied when my creations affect your life in a positive way.

Lina Cutnam